Advocate for the homeless and change lives

Ensure more giving, scale faster and help those less fortunate by taking advantage of the best in class solution for nonprofits.


Unlimited Donations Pages. No Designer or Coder Needed

Fully integrated online fundraising solutions that allow you to control the entire giving experience from start to finish without complicated setup or IT support.

  • One-Time or Monthly Donations
  • Pledge Installments
  • Offline Donations Gift Tracking
  • Run Multiple Campaigns
  • Donation Deductions
  • Pass on the processing costs
  • Automatically sync donations to your donor database

Streamline receipts & smart automation

Eliminate administration work for your team with Micharity’s end-to-end solution. Tax receipts, thank you letters, email confirmations, reminders and notifications are automatically sent and stored.

  • Scale supported engagement
  • Create meaningful interactions with all your supporters
  • Never leave a donor, volunteer or participant hanging
  • Automate endless administrative paperwork
  • Spend more time and resources - fuelling your mission

Track online and offline donations. Never let anything fall through the cracks

Track all donor gifts with Micharity's donation management solution. Log donations, events, and fundraising campaigns into your donor CRM database.

  • Track cash, cheques, bank transfers, in-kind items, securities and more
  • Automated data entry
  • Automated tax receipts
  • Automated Thank You notes
  • Pre-prepared reports
  • Basic and advanced reporting
  • ...and more!

Get to know your donor like you know your friends

Cultivate relationships by capturing detailed contact information and tracking all interactions with unlimited history. Gain deeper insights into all your supporters and create an engagement plan.

  • Track contact data, demographics, interest, and more
  • Track donation history
  • Log every interaction
  • Relational "household" records
  • Automatic check for duplicate records
... ...

Easily manage your volunteers and showcase new opportunities

Attract volunteers to your heart's content. Micharity's volunteer management software makes it easy to manage your volunteers from recruiting to application and reporting.

  • Track detailed profiles
  • Online volunteer application form
  • Accept resumes and other documents online
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Tracking and reporting on hours outputs

Create, sell & manage your events

Online ticketing and registration management made easy. You can sell tickets and accept online registration for a wide variety of events.

  • Create, manage, and host unlimited events simultaneously with one account
  • Customize your design
  • Collect all data with registration forms
  • Validate tickets at the door
  • Event mobile Check-in and Ticket Scanning Apps
  • Check-in and track attendance

Everything you need to turn data into decisions

Move past jumbled Excel spreadsheets and create KPI reports that clearly communicate your organization's standing. The dashboard is updated in real time with minimal oversight, so you'll spend less time sifting through reports.

  • Build custom reports using any data in your CRM and choose only the output columns you need
  • Access to high priority donor metrics and reports at your fingertips
  • Campaign stats, year-over-year difference, and essential KPIs
  • Top donor, lapsed donor, and expiry credit card reports.

“I love the simplicity of Micharity on my end as a user. We got Micharity because we wanted to bring everything onto one platform. We didn’t want silos of data. They needed to interact and needed to have some form of automation. I don’t have to worry about importing and exporting, and all those other things I had to do when I used Sumac and Raiser's Edge. I’ll tell you straight off the bat, you’re not going to find anything that’s easier to adapt, and more affordable.”


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