Prescriptive training based on what you need.

Understanding how to use Micharity’s platform is vitally important, and our company provides a wide array of options to make our system work for your organization from day one. We’re here for you, no matter what.

All plans come with 2 training sessions. Each session is tailored to your organization and can be scheduled up to two days in advance. We’ll work with you to devise the perfect curriculum and hands-on exercises so that when we conclude, your employees are confident in both the system and their ability to use it.

These are web-based recorded training that are available to all of our clients for viewing free of charge. They offer a great way to catch up on trainings that you missed, or view trainings in smaller increments.

Our personalized web-based training allows you to work with an Onboarding Specialist to set an agenda specific to your system or task-oriented and training needs. Your organization can benefit from personalized training that uses your own data or sample data to cover topics important to you. Private remote training is sold and delivered during business hours. Sessions are tailored to the stated objectives of the learner.

On-site training brings your training and Onboarding Specialist to you! Your Onboarding Specialist will work with you to create a training agenda to get your whole staff up to speed on how your organization uses our platform.