Data Migration and Duplication

What you need to know about data migration duplication

Data migration can be a tedious process, but don’t worry, Micharity is here to get you through it! We treat your data with the utmost care so that you can rest easy

Data migration is simply moving all your constituent related data from your existing systems to Micharity. Converting data from your existing platform can be complex and difficult to navigate. Our migration uses a standard process that maps your existing data to a best practice configuration within Micharity’s platform that is easily modified to fit your needs.

Yes! Your data can be migrated to Micharity. Your Onboarding Specialist will create a comprehensive plan for this migration and will also provide updates to track your progress.

The following types of data are available for import into the Micharity platform:

  • Account data such as constituent name, codes and contact information, relationships, and attributes
  • Donation data such as recurring, one-time gifts, donation amounts, dates, campaigns, funds, appeals, and payment methods
  • Event registration data such as event registration dates and amounts
  • Pledge data such as recurring, one-time gifts, installment and payment information
  • Membership data such as membership level, cost, start date, and end date

None. We help you identify the data migration process and guide you along the way. For further information, refer to the steps under the topic, “How does data migration work?”.

There are four steps:

  • Mapping and Analysis
    • To get started, we use a recent backup of your data to create a data dictionary and analysis file. From here we apply our standard map for the Micharity platform and modify as required to match your needs. We’ll review your campaigns, attributes, phone types, constituent codes and more to transform and optimize these old codes into valuable information.
  • Cleaning and Duplications (Deduping)
    • Prior to importing your legacy data, we'll clean it, standardize the addresses, and dedupe your records (remove any duplications). This best practice approach gives you better insight into what the final result will be and provides more accurate data for your review and validation.
  • Initial Load and Validation
    • With your old data cleaned, deduped (duplicate records removed) and with a transformation plan in hand, we'll perform an initial full load into Micharity’s platform. Your team will then have a chance to review the result and experience hands-on what Micharity can do for your data.
  • Final Load
    • Now it's time to make the switch. We'll work with your team to plan and prepare, then take another final backup of your existing platform data and populate Micharity. With your data successfully migrated, it's go time!