About Micharity

Our goal is to make fundraising
simpler, more pleasant, and more productive

Micharity believes your fundraising software should be functional and intuitive. Maximize the potential of your database with our dynamic CRM solution that includes everything you need for online fundraising – all within a user-friendly design. We built enterprise-level automation so a single person can now conquer tasks normally reserved for an entire department. These have been tools of the trade for large, heavily-funded nonprofits for years while small and mid-sized nonprofits got by with a donate button and spreadsheets. Micharity changes everything by leveling the playing field for small and mid-sized nonprofits to provide secure donation processing, data visualization and workflow automation at pricing previously imaginable.

Micharity is ever-evolving, powerful yet simple enough for non-techies to master. Our sole purpose is to ensure nonprofits accomplish more with less - less time, less staff, less cost.

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Who we are

We build innovative technologies to help charities and non-profits run faster, raise more and chart the path ahead intelligently at pricing previously unimaginable.

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Our Mission

Increase charitable giving across the world by making it easier to fundraise online. We handle the running of the platform so your organization can focus on what is most important; serving and engaging individuals and communities.

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Our Vision

To revolutionize the fundraising landscape with innovative and affordable tools that help nonprofits achieve their vision.

Micharity is a privately held company founded by Roble Nour, Avo Muradyan, Farhan Siddique, and Sergiy Stupnytskyy with investors including Brown Capital and supported by TD Bank and Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).